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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is a very easy and effective treatment for scar tissue, adhesions, restrictions or fibrosis in soft tissue . Patients frequently get significant symptomatic relief in just 1-2 treatments. Using an instrument is easier for the practioner to locate and treat the source of a patients pain.

I have taken the Graston basic and advanced seminars. The majority of my patients have complaints of neck or back pain with an occasional ankle sprain. I found myself only using 2-3 of the tools 99% of the time. I made myself use the other tools 1% of the time because I felt bad about paying so much for them and not using all of them. I know the stainless steel Graston instruments work very well. But the cost may stop some people from trying IASTM in their practice. I can do just about everything with this tool (except for the small treatment point on the "can opener") that I did with the $3000 instruments (now $3500) and I do not have to worry about paying $2000+ to replace them if they get lost or stolen. As far as the magnified "feel" of the stainless steel Graston instruments; if you can not "feel" it with this $129 tool you will not be able to "feel" it with the $3500 Graston instruments. Most of my patients have back and neck pain and this tool is excellent for treatment. This is an inexpensive way to try this type of soft tissue treatment on your patients and see if you like it. Then if you want to invest more time and money to learn more advanced treatment protocols, upgrade your tools and education you can.

This is the new tool! The "Swiss Army Knife" of IASTM tools. Hard anodized aluminum for a very nice satin finish. Why buy 4-5-6 tools when one will do the job. All you need is a simple straight edge, a convex and concave surface. You also get 2 small convex curves for treating small areas or performing cross friction to individual ligaments.

This is the new "All in One" EZ-Grip tool.

Each side of this tool has an edge. One side is smaller and the other is slightly more rounded. Use the more rounded edge for patients with low pain thresholds and those who feel the regular edge is just too sharp. Notice that there is NOT a "beveled" edge. I took a close look at what part of the tool is actually in contact with the soft tissue during treatment and found that the bevel has no effect. Compare the treatment edges of Graston instruments, SASTM and ASTYM tools. They are all different and they all work.






Can be used for an inversion sprain.                       Good for treating extremities.


This is a cheap and easy way to incorporate a soft tissue technique for your patients. You can also use the tools on extremities. I guarantee this tool will not break with normal use for as long as you have it! Provided you did not use it for a pry bar or hockey puck, just send me the broken tool and I will send you a replacement ASAP.

Order Now: The new gold hard anodized aluminum STARR tool and a CD with a basic instructional video*, introduction (instruction) document** and a couple of good articles from Dynamic Chiropractic that are useful for this technique. The technique is not rocket science. It is very simple, effective and easy to learn. Once you understand the basic treatment protocol you just apply it to different parts of the body. Only $129! Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) Shipping is included for orders in the U.S. All others please email me for shipping rates.

Even if you only charged $30 per treatment, just four patients will put you into profit!

You can use any massage cream or get some special stuff Here! for only $6 (shipping included)

*The video covers; cervical, upper traps, low back/ SI joint, knee, ankle (Inversion sprain) and the foot (Plantar fascitis). This is a home (non-professional) video of me treating my wife. It is in WMV format and will play on Windows media player or many other video players. I recommend VideoLAN (Included on CD) If you want to use something small, fast and free of advertising, cost and all the other stuff that MS packs into it's player try it. Unfortunately it will not play on most DVD players. It covers the most common complaints I see in my office. Each part is about 3-4 minutes long.

**The intro document covers general treatment protocols for the neck, upper traps, mid back, Low back/SI joint, plantar fascitis,  inversion sprain/strain, shin splints and the knee. You will also get any future updates to the videos and instructions via instant download.

Order a stainless steel tool here.

Order an aluminum tool here.    

You can also send me a check or money order. Send me an email to get my address to send a check or money order.

Make sure to include your address so I know where to send your tools.

Want to ask a question or speak to me before ordering? Send me an email. I can email you my phone number if you would like to talk in person. I am not about to post it on the web. I already get way too many telemarketing calls. But they have cut way down and I have had a bit of fun thanks to some ideas I got from this.


Still think this $129 tool is just too cheap to work as good as the $3500+ instruments??

Order this Super trick magic bullet tool made from the finest high quality recycled beverage cans by old world artisans' in the former USSR for only $2999. (Includes a very generous donation to my Brazilian retirement fund. Thank you!)

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