A distributor had told me they were concerned that shilajit may be causing depression. She said that a lot of her customers were unable to continue taking shilajit due to feeling very sad and depressed. I did not know why shilajit would cause this. Then I was giving it to my son for lung congestion and later he was crying for no reason. I then searched through the shilajit research I have and found that shilajit can cause a decrease in the neurotransmitter serotonin. Decreased levels of serotonin are directly associated with depression. http://www.sfn.org/briefings/serotonin.html Not everyone will feel depressed when taking shilajit (I don't) but those that do will need to do something to increase their serotonin levels if they want to continue to take shilajit without feeling depressed.

5HTP is a natural amino acid that is a precursor of serotonin. Meaning it will turn into serotonin to help offset the decrease caused by shilajit. Using 5HTP to help increase serotonin levels can also help control the appetite (weight loss), prevent/reduce migraines, decrease nervousness and anxiety, help induce a deep sleep and relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

So if you or people you know feel sad or depressed when taking shilajit you should consider taking 5HTP or discontinue taking shilajit.

FWIW: I have also had people report relief of depression and improved mood stability in bipolar disease.